Kate Moss Biography

Body type
Height: 5'6''
Hair: dark blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Bust: 33''
Waist: 23''
Hips: 35''
Dress: 5-6
Horoscope: Capricorn
Birth date: January 16, 1974
Birth place:  Croydon, Surrey
Language: English
Nationality: British
Status: Single

In 1988 Kate was in the airport when she was discovered by Sarah Doukas,
who directed the agency Storm at London. As this time Kate was only 14 years old.

She posed, as her first time, on ''The Face uk'' cover magazine, with Corrine Day.
In 1992 the American fashion designer Calvin Klein asked her if she would want
to be his muse for his ''cK'' campaign for one million dollars. And Yves Saint -
Laurent picked her for being the face of the perfume ad for

In 1994 Kate appears on her first calendar called ''Pirelli'', signed by Herb Ritts
together with other models like Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen.
In the same time she starts to date the actor Johnny Depp.

In 1999 a tragedy took place when she was hospitalized for drink and drug
In 2000 the supermodel decides to have a break, she was to tired because of the
situation described above.

And in 2001 Kate is back! With a new look: short and blond hair. She was still
single at that time, but she's dating the journalist Jefferson Hack for the
last month's.

In 2002 Kate and Jefferson expect their first child. September 29:
She givea birth to a six-an-a-half pound little girl at the St. John and Elizabeth
hospital in west London. The couple pretend to call the new born Lola.
The Storm agency said: She has given birth naturally and both are in good health.
In October: The couple finaly decide to call their new born Lila Grace.